History of Karimi Stone Factory

stone cutting

Karimi Stone Factory is located in Mahmoud Abad Industrial Area, with a history of 30 years in the field of production, processing, and export of all kinds of Natural Building Stones, having a professional management team with experience and special skills are ready to provide any information regarding natural building stones to our customers. At present, the third generation of this family business is managing and producing Karimi Stone Company, using the valuable experiences of the previous generation, the most valuable asset of this company is that being up-to-date, experience and specializes in the production and export of building stones. The establishment of our first factory was by the managers of the first generation of this company began in 1969 in Jey Street, Isfahan City under the name of Derakhshan Factory. The 2nd factory was established in 1991 in Mahmoudabad Industrial area under the name of Negin Sang Karimi. And the 3rd factory was established in 2004 in Segzi Industrial Area under the name of called Negin Sang Kavir.