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Stone curbs

Stone curbs are stone pieces that are used to separate garden spaces and sidewalks. These stone pieces (curbs) are the most suitable option for drawing lines in large urban projects. In general, stone curbs are used to separate earthen spaces such as gardens and sidewalks or to direct water flow on the surface and in city channels and green spaces of homes and parks. Common stone curbs in terms of material include 1. granite curbs, 2. marble curbs, 3. travertine curbs, and 4. limestone curbs. One of the advantages of stone curbs over concrete curbs that can be mentioned is the very long life of stone curbs and their resistance to rain and surface water. And, due to the natural color of stone curbs, they do not need to be painted and are compatible with the environment. They give harmony and warmth to the environment and especially to urban furniture. Stone curbs have different colors and natural states. Important points in choosing a stone curb are 1. compatibility with weather conditions 2. being close to the place of production. Karimi Stone Company has created a very well-equipped and complete facility for the production of and thick by using the best production machines and has been able to supply and manage large projects such as Chahar Bagh Abbasi, Vanak Church Alley, Sangtarashan Alley, Dolat Abad Square Paving Projects in Isfahan, and the large Sabzeh Project in Qazvin Square in a very short time. Also, this company is specialized in flooring for personal projects of gardens and villas in all parts of Iran according to the engineers designs or the suggestions of Karimi Stone internal designers. Kindly, contact the commercial department of the company for more information.


Standard Sizes

Kerb Stone

Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
800-600-500-400 500-400-300-250-200-150 200-150-120-100-80-60-40-30

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