Stone Block

Block or coupe is a term that refers to natural stones, cut from the heart of the mountain and separated from the body of the mountain. Tiles and slabs produced in factories are actually first cut into blocks or coupes and are moved to the factories. The blocks in their natural state have veins and natural fractures similar to the mountain rocks. Normally, the blocks are classified into single-block, double-block, and stone boulders. Basically, the healthier and thicker the block and the fewer streaks, quality will be considered better and the price will be higher. The maximum weight of a block is generally below 30 tons due to the possibility of transportation, cutting and loading machines. But standard blocks generally weigh about 22 to 24 tons in one piece and two pieces. Blocks after being cut and sized in stone factories, are used as and and with many different processes such as , , , , and .

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