Shipping Services

Quality control,technical services,and inspection team

Karimi Stone Factory, with its specialized and experienced commercial and technical team, is ready to perform and follow up the inspection operations of purchased stones by customers outside of Iran, from stone factories inside of Iran.
This perfectional team is ready to conduct all operations requested by the customer, such as finding the right stone factories according to the customers' requests, grading of manufacturing factories, price inquiry from different factories, full supervision, and control over all stages of production and quality, controlling tile cutting dimensions according to international standards, full supervision of all stages and types of stone surface processing until the end of the production line, accurate calibration, control of loading and packing all types and dimensions of stones inside specialized wooden boxes for export, and for Slab type packing using iron or wooden bundles made according to international packaging standards, professional loading based on the principles of loading inside the container or on the trailer, clearance operations, and other related customs services, tracking and following step-by-step international transport operations by Sea, Land, or Rail and maintaining communication with the driver to the destination, our team performs all these steps in a professional manner and in the best way.
Also, Karimi Stone’s commercial team is ready to follow up and issue various types of chambers of commerce approvals such as form A, pesticide certification, CE Certificate, SGS Certificate, or any other international certifications according to customer needs, it should be noted that during the inspection process, the customer will be fully informed, and in addition to informing, pictures of the shipment will be sent at each stage.
If you have any questions or consultations about shipping to different countries, you can contact the Director of the International Shipping Department.


Ms. Afrooz Nilforoushan
Director of Shipping Department