Stone Slab

Stones produced with dimensions larger than are classified as slabs. Basically, the minimum slab size is 80x80 cm and the largest production size is 210x320 cm. Of course, this is the maximum production size and basically the normal slabs size is 170x270 ±20 cm. Due to the fact that in the slab cutting method, are cut in form of large sheets with different thicknesses, therefore; all lines, veins and natural patterns on the stone surface are determined by the nature of the stone and this point gives a special beauty to the slab surface. Slabs can be prepared with various types of processing including: , , , , processing. Slabs are generally used on the floor of large halls or commercial places, which will be much more beautiful when arranged in the form of book-match and four-match patterns(Book match slabs are said to be slabs where the veins of the two slabs are placed along each other and show like the page of an open book. four-match slab are four stone slabs, so that two numbers are on the top and two numbers are on the bottom. and the veins and its appearance form a beautiful symmetry with central axis). All stones, including , , , , etc. can be prepared as slabs.

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