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Stone Tile

Tile is basically a general term that is used for regularized stone dimensions. In fact, when stones are cut from and turned into a regular and sized shape, they are classified into several size groups such as tile or . Stones under 80x80 cm are generally called tiles and stones larger than that are called slabs. The standard tiles are produced in centimeters and inches. Several examples of the most common tile dimensions in centimeters are as follows. 20x20 cm 30x60 cm 30x30 cm 40x40 cm 40x60 cm 60x60 cm Tiles can be used with many different processes such as , , , , and surface finish. Tile are used in both interior and exterior sections of the buildings and in walls, floors of the kitchen, bathrooms, halls, stairs landings, etc. All stone types including , , , etc. can be prepared as tiles.

Tile Gallery


Standard Sizes

TILE,Slab,French Pattern Set,Free Length

Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
300 300 10 - 15
400 400 12 - 15
600 400 12 - 15
600 600 15 - 20
800 800 20
1000 1000 20
1200 1200 20

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