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Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk is a very beautiful stone and is suitable for floors and walls of lobbies and luxury services, Persian silk is available in two background colors, light gray and dark gray, Persian silk is often processed in tile and slab dimensions, one of the disadvantages of Persian silk is it’s the color variety, but many architects refer to this color variety as a privilege, Persian silk shows its natural beauty after the performance, one of the advantages of this stone has the good ability of an excellent polishing, low water absorption, and has high strength.

Persian Silk Marble Gallery


Standard Sizes

TILE,Slab,French Pattern Set,Free Length

Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
300 300 10 - 15
400 400 12 - 15
600 400 12 - 15
600 600 15 - 20
800 800 20
1000 1000 20
1200 1200 20

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