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After a tiring work day, taking a hot bath in a stone tub is one of the best feelings in the world! One of the best and most natural materials for making a bathtub is natural stone. Due to the nature of natural stones, the design and role of each tub is unique and gives a special effect to the space. Also, these tubs do not have any artificial coloring materials; therefore, as a result of surface contact of the tub with water, its color does not change. In addition to the above, thanks to their material and thickness, these tubs retain heat for a longer period of time, and this causes them to retain the heat of water more in the cold season and reduces energy consumption for heating water. And, in hot seasons, by keeping the water cool, they make a more pleasant bath for us. Another thing is that due to the fact that the stones are basically extracted from the heart of nature, their natural nature is in good harmony with the body, and the comfort inside a stone tub is very relaxing, delightful and pleasant for every person. karimi stone company Supplier marble Bathtub and limestone Bathtub.


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