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Gohare Limestone

Limestone is a very old and durable stone, Its beautiful and special beige color has become the favorite and very popular among the audience of this stone, this stone usually has a beige cream color and pale or light spots on the surface of the stone, part of this stone has strong colorful spots, which is known as the Limestone ( Gohare ) full of spots.Gohare Limestone can be processed in different processes such as honed, polished, and sandblasted, which are suitable for floors, stairs, and facades of buildings. It’s highly recommended to use waterproof liquid on the surface before using it outdoors or in open areas.

Gohare Limestone Gallery


Standard Sizes

TILE,Slab,French Pattern Set,Free Length

Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
300 300 10 - 15
400 400 12 - 15
600 400 12 - 15
600 600 15 - 20
800 800 20
1000 1000 20
1200 1200 20

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