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Paver|Paving|Stone Tile Flooring

As it is clear from the term paver, it is said to be a type of stone that is suitable for the floor and is actually installed as a carpet on the buildings floor. Among the most resistant pavers, we can mention different types of . After granite, and some types of marbles can be mentioned. They are suitable for flooring. Due to its’ high water absorption, are only recommended for the interior spaces of the building with waterproof coating. The paving stones have different dimensions and processing. Basically, for the interior spaces, , or paving stones are used. Outdoor spaces are made of , , flamed, leathered and acid wash surface finishes. In general, outdoor paving stones should not be slippery or so-called flat. Regarding the size of paving stones, it can be said that the size and thickness of paving stones depends on the space and the type of use. In principle, large stones with low thickness cannot be used for car spaces. But it is suitable for sidewalk spaces. In car spaces, it is better to use smaller dimensions with a thickness between 3 and 7 centimeters.

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