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Pebble-Chips Gallery

River Stones or Pebbles After crushing, the stones have sharp and irregular edges, which are not very suitable for spreading in outdoor environments. Of course, their appearance is not a problem, but sometimes their sharp edges create problems for traffic. So, these stones are poured into large tanks called tumblers, and within a period of 1 to 2 hours, with a rotating movement with water, their sharp edges are removed and they become rounded and polished. The sharp and rough state turns into a round and soft river stone, which gives a special beauty to the external or internal environment, especially the green spaces. Also, its surface changes from raw to semi-polished surface finish. Broken Stones or Chips Stone of some natural stone quarries has many veins and cannot be produced into slab and tile. Or, when extracting block from quarries, part of the sides of the block and its waste are transferred to stone crushers and they are turned into crushed stone or broken stone or pebbles. This operation is done by a stone crusher machine. After the crushing operation, the stones are passed through the sander and are classified into different sizes. These sizes are divided from micro-sized to the maximum size of 10 centimeters, that is almost the size of an orange.


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